Jio Revises ISD and IR packs

Jio has revised its international subscriber dialling (ISD) and international roaming (IR) prepaid recharge vouchers with reduced benefits. The latest revision that apparently took place just a few days back has impacted Jio’s Rs. 501 ISD recharge voucher as well as the Rs. 1,101 and Rs. 1,201 IR packs. The operator hasn’t made any announcement, though the changes reflect on the Jio website. Notably, the Rs. 575, Rs. 2,875, and Rs. 5,751 unlimited IR packs offered by Jio remain unaffected by the revision.

First reported by OnlyTech, the Rs. 501 Jio ISD recharge pack has been listed on the operator’s site with Rs. 424.58 talk time for 28 days. This is Rs. 126.42 less than the earlier Rs. 551 talk time available with the same pack.

In addition to the Rs. 501 ISD pack, Jio has reduced the talk time benefits of the Rs. 1,101 and Rs. 1,201 IR packs. The Rs. 1,101 pack has been listed on the Jio site with Rs. 933.05 IR usage, down from the earlier Rs. 1,211 usage. Similarly, the Rs. 1,201 pack is listed with an IR usage of Rs. 1,017.80. The pack previously offered an IR usage of Rs. 1,321.

Since Jio hasn’t made any official communication regarding the update, it is unclear when the company exactly revised the Rs. 501 ISD recharge option and the Rs. 1,101 and Rs. 1,201 IR packs.

The Rs. 501 ISD recharge pack is designed for making international calls in 230 countries across the globe. In contrast, the Rs. 1,101 and Rs. 1,201 IR packs are applicable for customers visiting over 100 and 170 countries, respectively……….Read More>>

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