How to live stream a video meeting using Google Meet

Google earlier this year made its enterprise-focused Meet free for all users. Since then, Google has continued to enhance Meet with a variety of features and improvements. We have also seen a deeper integration of Meets in Gmail for both Suite users as well as the free version.

One of the top features of Google Meet is the ability to live stream your virtual meetings. The functionality can also be used for webinars, workshops, and many other purposes.

Note that the in-house live streaming is available with the G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education and G Suite Enterprise Essentials users. If you have subscribed to one of these plans, here is how you can use Google Meet to live stream.

Step 1: Open Google Calendar on your browser.

Step 2: Tap on the Plus icon > select more options

Step 3: Enter basic information of the event.

Step 4: Add the guests who will participate in the meeting.

Note you can add up to 250 guests. You can also invite people from other organisations. The recording ability, however, will be limited to guests from your organisation.

Step 4: Next to join with Google Meet, click on the down arrow to add the live stream.

Step 5: To invite people for view-only, share the live stream URL. Google allows users to add up to 100,000 view-only guests. You can also create an additional event for view-only guests.

Step 6: Hit Save.

Step 7: Tap on start streaming to begin the live cast.


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