Get Free Netflix For 83 Years (1000 Months) By Winning This Game; Full Details Inside

In an interesting campaign, world’s biggest online streaming platform: Netflix is offering free lifetime access of their app, if you are able to win this game.

Technically, it’s 1000 months or 83 years of free access, but enough to last your lifetime!

Here is what you need to do..

How To Get Free Netflix For 1000 Months?

Step 1: Watch The Old Guard movie, which has been recently released on Netflix

Step 2: Once you have completed the movie, move over to the website of The Old Guard game.

Step 3: Don’t get killed in the game, and become immortal. The player who finishes the game in shortest time with minimum deaths will become the winner, and get the prize of free Netflix for life.

Why This Game?

The Old Guard is a new movie, starring Hollywood superstar Charlize Theron. The premise of this movie is the superhero type powers that Charlize and her team havehas: They don’t die.

They are the immortal team of super-heroes, who even when hit with a bullet, never die.

Hence, in order to match the premise of this movie, Netflix has launched a game of the same name, and kickstarted this competition to enable more viewers and more fans to watch the movie, and try their luck for getting free Netflix subscription for life.

Any Tips To Win This Game?

  • Watch the movie carefully, and observe the tricks, and the secrets which are shown, and use the same in the game as well.
  • Although this game can be played on web browser and mobile both, but as per some experts, use your laptop/desktop to play this game, for a better chance of winning.

Deadline For This Competition?

This game and the contest has already started, and will be live till July 19th.

So, you have only three days.

Even with the minimum Rs 200 subscription plan, you can save Rs 2,00,000, if you get free Netflix for 1000 months.

Source:- trak

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