Covid: Russia shares initial vaccine info with India

NEW DELHI: Russia and India have initiated talks over Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V. While Russia has given some initial information to health ministry here seeking a collaboration, more detailed information is awaited, the government said.

The Gamaleya National Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology, which has developed the vaccine, is engaged in discussions with the Indian embassy in Moscow on the vaccine. “Some initial information on the vaccine has been shared and communication has been made to the office of principal scientific advisor, health ministry and the Indian Council of Medical Research,” a senior official said.

For the vaccine to be made available in India, it has to undergo clinical trials in here and that process has not started yet, the official added.

Meanwhile, trials of three other vaccine candidates in India are making progress. While Serum Institute is conducting phase 2/3 with 1,700 participants, both Bharat Biotech and Cadila Healthcare have completed phase 1. Sputnik V is an adenovirus vectorbased vaccine that was registered by the Russia’s health ministry on August 11.


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