7th Pay Commission – Advance increments granted to these government employees

7th Pay Commission: Amid the economic crisis, salary cuts and layoffs due to Covid-19 pandemic, here is a good news from Government for some government employees. The Department of Personnel & Training under the Ministry of Personnel,

Public Grievances & Pensions of Government of India has issued an OFFICE MEMORANDUM on the Subject: “Advance increments granted to Stenographers of Subordinate Offices on qualifying speed test in shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m., in the 7th CPC Scenario-reg.” And, the good news is that these Central government employees have got a salary hike!

As per the OFFICE MEMORANDUM, “In accordance with the provisions contained in Department of Expenditure’s OM No. 7(31)E-lll(A)/75 dated 04.10.1975 and this Department’s OM No. 18/44/88-Estt.(Pay-l) dated 14.08.1989 and OM No. 1/9/98-Estt.(Pay-I) dated 30.01.2001……..Read More>>

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