7 Ways To Save Electricity, You Can Get Rid Of Huge Bills, See List

Electricity is used throughout the day. Whether it is from our phone charge to cooler, air condition or washing machine. At the end of the month, when the electricity bill comes to us, we start worrying about its amount. You can reduce the huge electricity bill to some extent, which can save some money in your pocket.

For this, you have to incorporate some measures into the daily routine. Not only you but your family will also have to adopt these measures. We are telling you about the total 7 measures, by adopting which you can reduce the huge electricity bill to some extent.

1. To save electricity, you can use CFL instead of old bulb. CFLs consume far less power than older technology bulbs.

2. It is often seen that people connect their electronic devices to long-wired power extension cords. Even after the work is over, the equipment is left overnight and it costs electricity. In such a situation, the power extension cord should be emptied immediately if not used.

3. Turn off the switch on Learn Out of Room

4. If it is tolerable heat, work with the wings. In an hour, where a fan costs 30 paise, AC costs 10 rupees.

5. If you set the temperature of the air conditioner above 22 degree centigrade, you can save energy by 3 to 5 percent.

6. Select the clothes according to the capacity of the washing machine. For example, do outright washing instead of less laundry.

7. Use a BEE-rated fan. This will cost less electricity. Purchase an electric appliance with a 5 star rating.

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